Face to watch: Sarah Gadon will be seen in both David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis and his son Brandon's debut Antiviral at next month's Cannes festival


Fashion: Pomp and patriotism

How better to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee than to buy a dress from the woman who wore no pants to meet Her Majesty? Dame Vivienne Westwood releases a capsule of pomp-and- circumstance-inspired dresses this month, her signature curve-swathing drapery this time rendered in abstracts of the Union Jack and the national palette, topped off with sequins and golden flecks. They're a right royal sight to behold. From £650, viviennewestwood.com

Face to watch: Sarah Gadon

The Croisette beckons for this 25-year-old Canadian actress and Cronenberg family muse: at next month's Cannes festival, she'll be seen in both David's Cosmopolis, alongside Robert Pattinson, and his son Brandon's debut Antiviral

Lexpionage: Gillbilly, n.

A disparaging term for an unsophisticated person from the media heartlands who is generally prone to confusing overweening tosserdom with acerbic wit

Social networking: Match the tweet to the star

John Torode, Karen Gillan, Steve Martin, Simon Pegg

1 I quite like it really , at least you know you have to wear a coat and take the umbrella

2 If the girl on fire married the boy who lived they could have a baby that could live through fire which would save money on smoke alarms

3 Snuffling in a good way! A great way! Like a pig that's found some truffles.

5 Firmly convinced that Friday's DOW will rise 32 points. #insidertrading

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App watch: Facewatch ID

Take a break from time-wasting with a spot of crime-busting via this program from Scotland Yard allowing you to view CCTV images of unidentified suspects in your local area by inputting your postcode. Should you recognise anyone, you can then submit info direct to the cops. Free from iTunes store

On the radar: Because some things are still worth getting excited about...

Festivals: Land of Kings

This Dalston-wide cultural festival is hotter than ever, with music from the likes of Speech Debelle and Slow Club alongside art installations, poetry slams and an "Austerity Games". Fri and Sat, landofkings.co.uk

Film: Cine Illuminé

Did The Artist give you the silent film bug? Then check out this monthly screening night at Holborn's Volupté bar, kicking off next Sunday with 1929 showbiz melodrama Piccadilly. volupte-lounge.com

Music: Hot Chip

The cerebral dance doyens are back with new single "Night and Day", a darkly funksome number that bodes well for their upcoming fourth album, out 11 Jun. Have a listen here: bit.ly/HUopA0

Match the tweet: 1. John Torode; 2. Simon Pegg; 3. Karen Gillan; 4. Steve Martin.