Ahead of the pack: Rhiannon Harries picks out the style essentials for your holidays

Finding enough room to take everything you need for your hols needn't be an ordeal, says Rhiannon Harries – just focus on your favourite pieces (and don't forget your sunnies)
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Once you accept that a certain degree of failure is inevitable, the business of holiday packing becomes a lot less painful. A freakishly organised few may boast of their fail-safe capsule wardrobe and patent-worthy origami method of compressing it all into an envelope, but the rest of us are likely to be scuppered, if not by last-minute panic purchases or unexpected weather, then by pure psychology. Whatever you have left at home will suddenly be exactly what you need to look as chic as the woman on the sun lounger opposite.

That is not to say, however, that there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of success. As our three imaginary bags here show, there are certain items that will make you feel immeasurably better about your off-duty style: a flattering pair of sunglasses; smart, flat shoes; a couple ' of lightweight scarves. In many ways, it's accessories like these that count more than the actual clothes you take. Far wiser, in balmy climes, to keep the latter simple and comfortable and let glamorous jewellery or great shoes do the work.

While life may be too short to choose a colour palette for your holiday clothes, your time off is definitely too brief to waste any of it messing with mismatching clothes. Brights look great in strong sunshine, earthier colours feel right in the Med and banish white if you are going on a city break.

If you're still in any doubt over what you need, think back to your last escape. Over the course of a holiday, the items you genuinely felt good wearing will be those you practically lived in, while any that came home unworn can be struck off the list.

Finally, make sure you enjoy packing your bag – if nothing else, it means your entire holiday is ahead of you.

What to fit in a... rucksack

Grey leather backpack £125, eastpak.com

Sunglasses £170, Karen Walker, from urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Checked shirt £51, store.americanapparel.co.uk

Checked scarf £51, APC Madras, tel: 020 7409 0121 Red espadrilles £30, Toms, from office.co.uk

Polka-dot bikini set, £25, topshop.co.uk

Black lace-up sandals, £26, urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Organic Liquid Soap, £3.50, rbronner.com

Wei Chrysanthemum eye-treatment pads £44 for 10 packs of two, spacenk.co.uk

Black panama hat £160, La Cerise sur le Chapeau, from net-a-porter.com

What to fit in a... carry-on suitcase

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Straw boater hat £26, urbanoutfitters.co.uk

Red wedge sandals, £95, Castaner from matchesfashion.com

Striped satchel, £28, urbanoutfitters.co.uk

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What to fit in a... large suitcase

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