This one-shoulder dress is divinely Martini-esque - it evokes images of a girl with a penchant for sticking large flowers in her hair while seductively sipping her shaken-not-stirred drink and walking arm- in-arm with her overtanned boyfriend, who wears see-through silk socks and drives a Trans-Am. Glorious. Quite how horrible I would look in such a dress is difficult to imagine. But if you have no fatty bits, then wear this roll on, roll off dress with a nice pair of glittery high-heeled sandals (for heaven's sake not flatties). Next week in this column: a summer dress for those of you who do have fatty bits. AB

One shoulder dress, pounds 26.99, style no: LH 1369 from the Empire spring/summer catalogue, available in sizes 10/12 and 14/16. Tel: 0345 200 400.