Nylon was invented nearly 60 years ago. For a while this fibre was considered revolutionary (which it was) and very fashionable; but it fell out of favour in the late 1970s, when natural was considered best. Nylon continues to evolve (witness Tactel, which is nylon with different properties) but it was Prada which really brought good old nylon back into our wardrobes. The very people who had pooh-poohed nylon a few years ago now suddenly parted with huge amounts of cash for it. Such is fashion. Thank goodness for such quick-off-the-mark labels as Dorothy Perkins, which has made this great nylon jacket with fake-fur collar, beautifully modelled here by Helena Christensen.

Black nylon flying jacket, pounds 34.99, Dorothy Perkins, sizes 10-16 from Dorothy Perkins stores nationwide, tel 0171-291 2604.