Beardiful: The singles’ dating site for furry fellows – and their fans


The beard might be back in fashion, but that doesn’t mean it's easy for wearers to find love.

Not every prospective partner wants stubble rash on her (or his) chin, neck or, ahem, other areas. For those that do, however is here to help. This new dating site puts beard-lovers in touch with beard-wearers (all of whom appear to be men, fans of bearded ladies will have to look elsewhere).

Among those already signed up are an Australian lady looking for a bearded fancy man and is offering to “scratch and pet beards like the softest kitten in the world”.

She might like the 27-year-old from California who likes “to get wild” and sports “tattoos and a beard down to my belly button”.

Although it doesn’t say so on the site, given the basis of the initial contact, one can assume the beard has to last as least as long as the romance does.