Beat the heat summer dresses

A guide to navigating the heat wave in style

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It’s fair to say that in the UK we’re just not used to such scorching temperatures, and as a result our wardrobes are woefully underprepared.

Summer dressing for most consists of beachwear bought out only with the promise of a far flung destination. Whilst the idea of breezing around the office in a summer dress is an appealing one, it’s nonetheless not always appropriate.

A walk down any UK street in the height of summer will undoubtedly reveal no end of inappropriate body flesh on show; think bum cheek baring shorts and crotch skimming hemlines.

The line between staying cool and baring all is easily crossed. So with the hot weather set to stick around, here is our pick of summer dresses that will ensure you keep your cool.


Avoid anything short – just above the knee should be the limit but for a more stylish length, look for hemlines that fall mid-calf.

Sleeveless shift dresses in cotton and linen are good investments that can be layered when the mercury inevitably drops.

Camisole style designs are an ideal summer style, but to stop your look straying into the negligee territory try and look for bolder colours (anything white, cream or pink will look like a nightie).