Beauty: The best fragrances for Father's Day


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1. Voyage d'Hermès

Don't be baffled by the ingenious stirrup design of the bottle; inside lies a thoroughly modern take on a traditional woody and musky aftershave.

£60, Hermès,

2. Sunshine

This summery offering from one of Britain's most famous names contains peppercorns, coriander and star fruit for their zingy and vital qualities.

£26, Paul Smith, available nationwide

3. Oud Ispahan

Inspired by the travels to the East of a young Christian Dior, this contains notes of rose, amber and cedarwood.

£125, Dior,

4. Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino

Go back to this Italian label's roots with amber and patchouli notes that will summon memories of the Med.

£32, Dolce & Gabbana, available nationwide

5. Eau de Lacoste Rouge

Invigorating and energetic, the mix of ginger and peppercorns in sports label Lacoste's signature aftershave will give you a bit of get up and go of a morning.

£33, Lacoste, available nationwide

6. Boss Sport

First released in 1987, Boss Sport remains a popular classic, combining lemon, marigold and juniper in a fresh and floral blend.

£35, Hugo Boss, available nationwide