Oil eliminator, £18, kiehls.co.uk


The height of summer can be a sticky, icky affair, not least because of skin's tendency to suddenly go into oil-producing overdrive. This in turn can lead to clogged pores, spots and blemishes, and it feels like the grit and grime of the day clings to greasy skin.

Don't stick your head in the sand till September; instead opt for oily-skin-specific products, the best of which won't strip-mine your skin. Focusing on the worst affected areas – usually forehead, nose and chin – can feel a bit like painting by numbers, but it'll help maintain an overall balance.

Breakout foaming cleanser

£25, Dr Sebagh, johnlewis.com

Too harsh a cleanser can lead to even more oil being produced as your skin over-compensates; this will help unclog pores without drying.

Secret finish

£23.50, Laura Mercier, available nationwide

Stave off the mid-afternoon oil slick with this lightweight, velvety-smooth gel which can be applied over make-up.

Oil eliminator

£18, kiehls.co.uk

A refreshing spritz of this mentholated toner will cool skin as well as neutralising grease and helping to minimise the appearance of pores.


Oil control mattifying moisturiser

£23, Clinique for Men, boots.com

It might seem counter-intuitive to moisturise oily skin but it's important to keep skin hydrated and this won't leave you looking shiny.

Instant fix oil control

£28, Anthony Logistics for Men, spacenk.com

Lightweight and easily absorbed, this has a pleasant mild citrus smell which helps to refresh and revive overheated skin.