Dress Code: James Cracknell, Sportsman

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What are you wearing now? Shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops

Who's your style icon? Nicolas Cage's character in "Wild at Heart". The snakeskin jacket is a sign of my individuality and belief in personal freedom!

What can't you live without? A black T-shirt, as it covers almost every situation and it is almost impossible to be judged on, in terms of both brands and style – just as long as it fits well, of course.

Describe the best outfit you have ever worn. I went to men's fashion week in Milan working for "The Daily Telegraph" and wore some clothes for a shoot afterwards. But the Cavalli snake and pony skin jacket didn't look quite as good on me!

What's in your wardrobe? Nothing exciting I'm afraid: the usual shirts, suits, jeans etc. Although there are a pair of cowboy boots lurking at the back.

What is in your wash bag? Toothpaste and brush, hair wax, deodorant, Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance, Vaseline.

If you could live in any decade style-wise, which would it be? The Fifties, because your choice was either a black leather jacket or a snappy suit – none of this smart casual rubbish.

Any fashion confessions you want to share with us? Cowboy collar tips, which is weird considering I grew up in Woking, not Texas.

What's your secret style tip? I think you should always wear what you're comfortable in. For example, I'd feel weird in skinny jeans or walking around in trousers halfway down my butt and I guess I wouldn't feel as confident.