Dress code: Lisa Butcher, model

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What are you wearing right now?

My Fairtrade cotton PJs. I've just got back from filming in New York. I don't usually wear pyjamas at midday, but I'm still adjusting to UK time.

Who's your style icon?

Daphne Guinness. Her style is rather avant-garde, but she has a fantastic way of putting an outfit together. I admire the way she isn't afraid of wearing big pieces that others might shy away from.

What can't you live without?

My jeans: I wear them day in and day out. They are the most versatile item in my wardrobe, perfect for running round with the kids, as well as an evening out.

Describe the best outfit you have ever worn.

A dress designed by Ian Garlant for Hardy Amies. It's very fitted black lace and the sexiest dress I own, but it's classic so it will never date. I fully intend to give it to my kids when they are old enough to wear such a show-stopping outfit.

What's in your wardrobe?

Lot of pairs of high heels that I look at but rarely wear. At six foot tall I stand out even in my stockinged feet, let alone with four-inch stilettos where I'm taller than most men! Wearing heels, one immediately walks better, and proportion-wise I feel it looks better, particularly with an evening dress.

What's in your make-up bag?

A new addition! An under-eye concealer by La Prairie, It has just the right amount of coverage to hide dark circles. I couldn't be without my bronzer – a Too Faced one called Chocolate Soleil, or the one I use on my body, by Xen Tan. I also have a fab brow filler by Suqqu that I use daily.

If you could live in any decade, style-wise which would it be?

I'd still live in this decade, as we don't have to conform to any rules. We can dress up if we want to, or not. Style for me is not only about what you are wearing but about your attitude while wearing it. You have to feel good on the inside to shine on the outside.

How often do you look in the mirror?

Wow, what a question! I've never really thought about it. I guess being thrown into the fashion industry aged 14, and judged solely on my looks, I am conscious of how I look, but I don't want it to define who I am. I check in the mirror at home – morning and evening – and in the loo too, I guess!

What's your secret style tip?

Wear things that are a size that's appropriate to you. There's nothing worse than seeing someone squeeze into something too small for them.

Lisa launches the In and Out Beauty project today at the Chelsea health club and spa. Thechelseaclub.com