What are you wearing right now?

A striped Evisu shirt – which makes me look a bit like an ice cream seller in the 1960s. Indigo Levis. My new Kurt Geiger brogue boots that give me an extra two inches that I really don't need. And a black wax jacket from Barbour. They know how to make a wax jacket.

Who's your style icon?

My girlfriend. I hasten to add that we don't share clothes. Actually, she does wear my jumpers.

What can't you live without?

Sebago Deck shoes. I wear them most days. I have them in white, blue, yellow, brown, cream. Note to self: I need to get me some black ones.

What's in your wardrobe?

Too much. A wealth of checked shirts, thousands of T-shirts and polo shirts, lots of jeans, lots of cords, a lovely herringbone blazer, several suits, more shoes than I could ever wear and two snooker cues.

What's in your manbag?

Diary. Notepad. A very funny book by Tim Key. Tissues. Hand-cleansing gel. My iPod. The inevitable Blackberry. A brilliant clockwork phone charger. Hair wax. Black Wayfarers. Tortoiseshell glasses.

If you could live in any decade, style-wise which would it be?

America in the Fifties, I think. I have an American face anyway. And the quiff could stay.

How often do you look in the mirror?

Very much depends what I'm doing. If I'm filming, I'll be checking my bloody quiff every five minutes. It's ridiculous. It's a compulsion! I hate it but I can't stop it.

Any fashion confessions you want to share with us?

I love brightly coloured Y-fronts.