Dressing Table: Get the perfect flawless finish

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1 Tinted Moisturiser

Ideal for those who don’t like heavy make-up, this lightweight emulsion has a pleasant powdery scent |and will ensure your skin is left feeling fresh, with a luminous glow. Sisley, £54.50, 020-7591 6380

2 Foundation Primer

Apply this vitamin-enriched gel prior to your |foundation to further protect skin from environmental damage and to increase your make-up’s longevity. |A good tip is to leave it in the fridge – it’ll help to |reduce puffiness. Laura Mercier, £27, 0800 1234 000

3 Beauty Age-Transforming Foundation

Available in six shades, this Avon product is really easy to apply and minimises wrinkles and age spots while clarifying your skin’s tone. Anew, £15, avonshop.co.uk

4 Multi-Grain Make-up SPF 14

A unique powder foundation, fortified with oats, vitamins and minerals. Build and blend with a brush for a shine-controlled finish. Origins, £20, and brush, £16, 0800 731 4039

5 Well-Suited Finishing Powder

A limited edition from the autumn collection. This |translucent pressed powder will give your primed skin instant luminosity. Prescriptives, £25, 0800 123 4000

6 Even Better Make-up SPF 15

Dermatologist-developed, this oil-free foundation aims to diminish age spots and dark patches with continual use. Clinique, £19.50, 0870 0342 566