Fresh Ocean Body Scrub

Apricot stones and walnut shells are ground down to create the sand-like consistency of this natural scrub. Scented with rosemary, lemon and lime and infused with palmarosa oil, it's as gentle on the skin as a scrub can be, and most of the ingredients are natural.

£4.99, Organic Surge,

Aqua Therapy Refining Salt Scrub

Treat yourself to an at-home spa treatment with this coarse sea-salt scrub from Champneys, famed for the luxury of its in-house therapies. The idea is to not only exfoliate dead skin, but also to improve circulation.

£10, Champneys, 0800 636 262

Beach Prep, Radiance Body Polish

As well as exfoliating and moisturising, the Kombuchka and Fig extract in this Body Polish brightens and balances pigmentation of the skin.

£19, Elemental Herbology, 020-8740 2085

Honey Scrub

Celebrities and beauty insiders love to love Spanish beauty brand Natura Bisse. Its rich formula turns oily when applied to the skin, so while it's far from a bargain, a little goes a long way.

£70, Natura Bisse,

Ginger & Lemongrass Body Polish

An inexpensive option, use this body polish every day when you bathe to prepare skin either for fake (or a real) tan. It removes dry and rough skin while the ginger helps to boost circulation.

£1.94, Sainsbury's Active Naturals, 0800 636 262

White Willow Skin Polish

Certified by EcoCert, Wild Organics is an affordable range for those who are looking for all-natural products. Containing cleansing white willow and Vitamin E, this scrub will brighten and moisturise skin.

£24, Wild Organics,