1. Bliss ingrown hair eliminating pads

You don't want unsightly red lumps ruining your smooth pins – for a preventative, try rubbing these exfoliating pads on just after hair removal. Contains 5o pads.

£26.60, Bliss, blissworld.co.uk

2. Deep bronze luxe

This bestselling self-tan is well known for its easy and smooth application. It will give an immediate tint to your skin which will last for up to seven days.

£34.99, Xen-Tan, xen-tan.co.uk

3. Venus Embrace razor

Gillette's first five-blade razor for women offers a close shave for legs which require constant grooming.

£8.49, Gillette, gillettevenus.com

4. Ta-da! shaving gel

With tea tree and no added perfume, this non-drying gel will ensure the razor glides effortlessly and that your skin is left soft and soothed.

£2.99, Queen of..., boots.com

5. 'Take a Picture' body balm

Add some glitz to summer evenings by sponging on Benefit's body balm to achieve a golden-pink sheen.

£22.50, Benefit, benefitcosmetics.co.uk

6. O-Mega body buff

Polish off any dead skin cells before tanning by using this body buffer which uses natural volcanic rock pumice to help exfoliation.

£22.50, Mama Mio, mamamio.com