Dressing table: The best make-up tools

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1. 134 Large Powder Brush

The key to make-up longevity is good quality brushes – MAC is the brand favoured by the professionals.

MAC £34.50, 0870 034 2676

2. Model Mirror

Now you can act like a movie star with this glamorous compact mirror – push a button and your face will be illuminated by mini lights.

Les Tai Tai, £20, Selfridges, 0800 123 400

3. Ball Sponge

This unique spherical sponge applicator sweeps over the contours of your face to work the foundation into your skin seamlessly, leaving no sharp lines un-softened.

Trish McEvoy, £13, trishmcevoy.com

4. Eyelash Curlers

Create a more dramatic eye by curling your lashes before applying your mascara. Curl in three steps to create a natural looking wave.

Shiseido £16, 020-7313 4774

5. Shadow Shields

Stick these crescent moon-shaped pads under your eyes and apply your glitzy eye-shadow without sprinkling your face with un-wanted colour and ruining your base.

Guru Make-up Emporium, £8.95 (for 30), 020-7731 4646

6. Oil Off Papers

This season, skin should be matte. Take the shine off with this blotting paper which comes in a handy dispenser.

RMK, £6.85, Selfridges, 0800 123 400