Face creams: Try something a little richer


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It's easy to find a face cream that works and stick with it for years, but the occasional change in routine can be as good as a holiday for your skin. As well as needing different properties as the seasons change – now's the time to reach for something a little richer to prepare for the central heating onslaught – as your skin gradually ages, its needs will change.

The level of hyaluronic acid in your skin will decline as you get older, so this is an ingredient to look out for as it will re-plump skin that's beginning to flag.

Dramatically different moisturizing lotion +

£17.50, clinique.co.uk

A long-standing personal favourite – get it in a tube rather than the larger pump bottle so you can squeeze out every last drop of this light, nourishing day cream.

Ultimate moisture day cream

£7.99, Neutrogena, boots.com

Provides a rich moisture that lasts all day, with an extremely subtle shimmer, this is perfect to combat the changing temperature and the effect it will have on skin.


Refreshing gel

£35, RMK, selfridges.com

This cooling night jelly is a great example of why this Japanese beauty brand has so many fans – it doesn't sit on skin like some gels can, meaning it won't wipe off on your pillow.

Superskin moisturiser

£39, lizearle.com

Inspired by nature and backed up by science, with neroli and omega 3, this is great for the face, neck and décolletage of those with mature or very dry skin.

Super restorative day cream

£69, clarins.co.uk

This old-fashioned luscious cream provides a veritable feast for those who want to give their face and neck a generous dose of moisture.

Beauty spot

Beauty supplements can be hit or miss, but a daily 10ml dose of The Hyaluronic Molecule 2 by Fountain has been reported to work wonders not only on skin but joints, too. £27.99, boots.com