Having clothes made to fit you exactly is wildly indulgent but also immensely practical since you will wear your bespoke garment far more often than some ill-fitting off-the-peg job. Ermenegildo Zegna offers this service at home, in your office or at any of their shops. You will have the choice of 300 different 'classic' fabrics which are updated every two years and 200 seasonal fabrics that change twice a year. A client's measurements are recorded so that any subsequent garments can be ordered over the phone (if you haven't put on weight that is). It takes 15-20 working days and your finished suit will await delivery in a congenial environment - the temperature and humidity is controlled to ensure the fabric is kept in the best possible condition. Could you ever go back to just buying off the peg? AB

Ermenegildo Zegna's Taglio Exclusivo service starts at pounds 795 for a suit and is available from selected stockists of Zegna nationwide. Call 0171 493 4471 for more details


The sun is just starting to peek out and hopeful thoughts turn to summer with plans to eat out on the terrace, waft around gaily tossing delicious salads, wearing thrown-together chiffon sarongs and be at peace with the world. This is why I am writing of summer sandals now, in April. Thong sandals will be massively trendy and these are just so good I had to write about then NOW. You'll need to get the old pumice stone out of course (Body Shop do a great Foot File thing with a handle) and pluck out unsightly toe hairs (we all get them). These are made by Clarks and will be on everyone's feet soon, so get them - and wear them - before every goddam trendy in Notting Hill does. AB Flat thong 'weekender' sandals, pounds 19.99, available in sizes 3-8 in orange, red, black patent and white from selected Clarks stores nationwide. For enquiries telephone 0800 616427