Fashion: The best-dressed men are going green - in all shades - this season

From Burberry Prorsum to Alexander McQueen, this season there's a veritable garden of verdant greens from which to refresh your wardrobe

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As the world's most famous frog knows all too well it's not easy being green. But, as mortals rather than muppets we don't have to worry about being entirely awash in the hue. This season though, there's a veritable garden of verdant greens from which to refresh your wardrobe. Forest Green is perhaps the easiest hue to introduce, especially if you usually favour black or navy, and a tailored wool jacket the simplest garment to pull off. 

There is also a rich seam of military inspiration running through the season, with shades of olive and khaki being the most obvious way to channel the Officer look. Once again it's best to opt for smarter looks here - think dress uniforms rather than fatigues. Frogging was a big feature on the catwalk but might be a bit much for life on civvy Street. 

If you do fancy something more casual, look to Burberry Prorsum and Alexander McQueen's cosy use of soft textures from shearling to chunky knits to keep you warm this winter. 

Photographs: Brian Daly

Styling: Lee Holmes

Model: George at Models 1

Grooming: Dayaruci using Clarins Men and Redken