Fortune favours the bold of lip I don't look back in anger Fashion and beauty are both riding waves of nostalgia


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Party season comes hand in hand with a liberal sprinkling of glitter and shimmer. Which is all well and good but if, like me, glossing your lips leaves them feeling chap-fat coated (without the benefit of those delicious calories) it presents something of a quandary.

There are innumerous alternatives to a slick of glue-like gloop, one of the best of which is that in YSL's vintage beauty collection.

Imagine, if you will, a Venn diagram with all the lipsticks, glosses and stains you've bought over the years, and this glossy stain would be the bright spot in its centre. Wet-look in finish, an intense amount of colour – in a variety of punchy shades – and a long-lasting formula make this just the thing to see you through the festive season with a sophistication that won't slip no matter how much Christmas cheer you imbibe.

Balancing a strong lip with a "natural" face of make-up is still conventional lipstick, but the bold who experiment will find fortune favours them.