Get the look: How to wear shorts


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I won't do it I tell you

Right, you're going to swelter in jeans all summer? That might fly if you're not leaving this isle, but for your own comfort in hot climes you've simply got to let the air get at your knees.

The knees aren't the problem… it's the thighs

Agreed, some of the micros kicking around have been repurposed from kidswear, but don't think bum-skimming cut-offs. The beach should be the only public arena for that level of exposure.

You're telling me there's a short to suit everyone?

Admittedly, if your legs aren't great then shorts should not be the core of your wardrobe. Those with good pins, however, will find a cornucopia of options from perky printed denims to smart tailoring. These loose, sports-luxe shorts from Emma Cook (£216, are casual with a tee and flats or sharpened up with a jacket and wedges.

And the rest?

If your legs fall more in the "good enough" category, look for something loosely tailored that falls a little lower. We like Mango's black wrapped waist shorts (£27.99, At some point, feel the fear and do it anyway.