Thirteen years after the launch of its game-changing hair straighteners, GHD is shaking up the market again with a range of curling tools

It’s hard to believe in today’s society of ultra-sleek barnets groomed to within an inch of their lives that such styling once wasn’t so easy to come by.

Most teenagers growing up in the early noughties will recall the hair straightening craze that swept the country that can single-handedly be attributed to the new technology pioneered by what was then a start-up Leeds-based haircare company.

Good Hair Day, or GHD as it is more commonly known, hit the big time with its innovative hair irons that allowed even the curliest of customers to get poker-straight locks. Such was the demand for the straighteners that legend has it that customers trawled the country going from salon to salon to acquire a pair and styling professionals turned up at the GHD headquarters begging for more stock.


It’s newest launch, GHD Curve, is a range of four curling tools, two wands and two tongs. It might seem an obvious and thus slightly overdue release from a company that has dominated the styling tools market for over a decade, but that’s testament to the company’s success – releasing only products to market that offer something new.

For the long-awaited release of these tongs, GHD have solved the problem of curl drop – unlike conventional tools that contain a single heat element in the middle of the wand, the Curve wands use tri-zone technology to keep the 185-degree heat constant down the entire length of the wand. The result is a curl that is heated evenly all the way through, thus its impressive staying power. A good hair day indeed.