Get behind Team GB with this choice selection of metallics for both day and night. Now is your time to shine.

The rich splendour of autumn/ winter's metallic brocades and shimmering sequins is welcomed by fashion followers of a magpie-like persuasion. And as these pieces are beginning to arrive in store and online right about now, it's the perfect trend to tie in with the golden moment that Team GB is experiencing.

Who wouldn't want to bathe in the reflected glory of rowers, cyclists and swimmers without having to work up a sweat?

A single shining garment of gold, silver or bronze is a fitting way to pledge your allegiance. And worry not: if carefully selected, this won't fall under the novelty dressing umbrella that sees some of the most fashionable fall at the first hurdle.

There are plenty of options, from designer pieces to high-street offerings and a host of fabrics and effects mean that there is something for everyone. Matte and textured finishes are perfect for those whose style is usually more muted, while those who revel in the spotlight may plump for full-on bugle-beaded, sequined glory. For those who are wary, it may help to keep in mind the rules of wearing print – the revised edition that is – which allows for a more joyful way of tackling the wardrobe dilemma.

Something busy or bright is best when it adorns a simple silhouette, like the masculine shape of this River Island tank top, or these Steve Madden studded slippers. Wearing more than one metallic is also not a no-no, but bear in mind that gold and bronze share the same warm colour palette while futuristic silver naturally pairs well with black or white.