An image from the autumn catalogue shot in Tokyo

The clothing label NN.07 has launched in the UK. With its Scandinavian roots and minimalist look, it's destined to be worn around the world, says Lee Holmes

If it wasn't already crystal clear that it's the Scandinavians who are at the forefront of fashion at the moment, then it's time to wake up and smell the gravadlax.

Denmark, Sweden and Norway are currently a sartorial melting pot of creativity when it comes to modern menswear. These glacial and pared-down lands boast an impressive roster of designers, including Acne, Filippa K and J Lindeberg. And now, to add to that already stellar list, comes NN.07.

Founded in 2007 by the Danes Ulrik Pedersen and Victor Lingh – and now available online in the UK for the first time – this label is already a huge success in their homeland and it's easy to see why: simple but well-made garments are the brand's cornerstone, wardrobe basics that stand the test of time.

Branding is kept to a minimum, in a typically tasteful Nordic way, and the clothes are functional and urban. If you're looking for brash embellishment, go elsewhere. Here, less is definitely more.

But that's not to say NN.07 clothes will only look at home in the most minimal of surroundings. The label's autumn catalogue is shot in a city that is so far removed from its Scandinavian roots as to be jarring. Tokyo, with its kaleidoscopic lights and its frenetic living, acts as the backdrop for NN.07's plain aesthetic. So, while the clothes might have come from the north, they're made for wearing all over the world.