Shopping is like binge-eating. I won't shop for ages, and then suddenly, I'll buy everything at once. In reality, I'll have had my eye on something, but to the unsuspecting passer-by, it looks like I've made a very rash purchase.

I'd like to be seen as someone who has an idea about what is going on in fashion, but doesn't know too much. I like nice things that are a bit under the radar. These trousers are smarter than black jeans, and they're quite flattering. Plus, they're a close-cut, but not a super-trendy skinny fit. They're just very nice.

I recently discovered All Saints. I was in a hurry and needed something to wear to [press awards ceremony] the Shaftas. I saw the dress version of this top I'm wearing and fell in love with the buttons. My mother always said fabric-covered buttons look "high quality".

I like clothes to be unisex. This jacket has box-shaped shoulders. My shoulders are a bit narrow, so I like a square cut to even things out. It is from Marks & Spencer, which is always good for basic underwear, with the odd hidden gem in other sections.

I don't like pretty jewellery. I like big chunky pieces that don't get lost. I wear gold-hoop earrings all the time. I don't feel like me without them. And I found this gold chain necklace with a crystal pendant at Gill Wing on Upper Street, Islington. I love it. My friend calls it the "Heart of the Ocean" and sings the Titanic theme tune to me whenever I wear it.

I went through a stage of having my hair cut horrendously short every few months. There was no learning curve. My hair stays quite basic when I'm working. Now I'm yearning for a change. I had a heavy fringe for a Kate Nash sketch recently, and people thought it looked good. But usually, stylists make me up to look as bad as possible.

Havaianas are the king of the flip-flop world. I have them in yellow, turquoise, pink and gold. They are so comfortable and versatile. I'm a sucker for anything gold. I like having reasonably well-presented toenails, particularly in the summer. When I have free time I get really into pedicures and all that stuff. It makes me feel more in control.

'Katy Brand's Big Ass Show' returns to ITV2 on 2 Sept; the DVD of series one is released 6 Oct