How To Be Beautiful: A little something to lift the eyes


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Stars of Golden Age Hollywood – particularly those d'un certain age – are said to have dunked their heads in iced water prior to a day in the studio, in an attempt to temporarily undo gravity's handiwork. Fortunately, today's generation of beauty products offers similar, instantaneous effects in a more targeted manner.

While it's probably too much to expect results produced in a matter of moments to last, this crop of lifting and tightening eye treatments are more than capable of tackling temporary puffiness and pillow-drag first thing in the morning.

Delivered via handy rollerball applicators or gently brushed on the eye area, these gels and lotions often have a cooling effect that's redoubled if kept in the fridge – a pleasant wake-up call under any circumstances, but all the more so in hot weather or on a hangover. I'll leave you to decide which might be the more common occurrence for the average UK resident.