How To Be Beautiful: Be free of frizz


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It's usually around this time of year that you are forced to face up to the state of your hair. Damp days provide perfect conditions for the worst hair days possible, when every broken, flyaway strand decides to make its presence visible and they create, en masse, a look that might be described romantically as "cloudy", but is really just hideously frizzy.

Good, regular cuts will sort this out up to a point, but if you have naturally dry hair, you'd have to go for something close to a number one to ever truly be free of the frizz. All you can do is manage the situation and, for this, a decent hair oil should be key to your styling arsenal.

Oils are a fairly recent addition to haircare, emerging off the back of newly popular oil-based facial cleansers and moisturisers. Unlike standard serums, an oil will penetrate and nourish hair, rather than merely coat it. The trick is to find the right one (there are plenty of options for different hair types) and use it sparingly as a finishing treatment after drying, or more generously as a conditioner on wet hair.