What is bronzer for, exactly? Although the clue may be in the name, it doesn't supply the full story. After all, it doesn't tell you which bits of your face you should be bronzing with it.

Observe the application habits of women on public transport, for example, and you'll see some sweeping it from hairline to cleavage, creating a strange, shimmery creosote effect. Others simply layer it over their blusher – a less heinous make-up crime, but still not the way to get the best from this product.

Your bronzer rule to live by is that you only put the stuff on those parts of the face that catch the sun first. So, the top of the forehead and cheeks, the bridge of the nose, a little on the chin – in all instances a featherweight touch is required if you want flattering rather than freaky. And never take it below the jawline – even the most hardcore tanorexic won't achieve deep mahogany beneath their chin.