To the best of my knowledge, I have never used up an entire bottle of nail polish. Long before the halfway mark, the contents have separated into an unrecognisable gloop. Likewise, lipsticks, glosses, face masks – the mere idea of calculating the cost of the half-full tubs and tubes that I've binned over the years is depressing.

Of course, most of these are items that you tend not to use daily, so it's no wonder the best-before date comes around faster than the bottom of the container. Conversely, I can't be the only one who seems to constantly run out of moisturiser, mascara and black eyeliner.

This is the time of year, then, to capitalise on dinky stocking-filler sizes. Perfect for when you know your fling with glittery nails is going to be short-lived or when you simply want to give something a trial, they also slip pleasingly into your handbag. And you can never discount the fun of holding a scaled-down bottle of shower gel and pretending to be a giant.