Succulent lip twin in No.2 coral camellia <p>Wearable peachy shade in gloss and lipstick</p> <p>£12,</p>


Regardless of seasonal trends, there are always a few looks that will surface reliably each summer in fashion and beauty – if not on the catwalk then in the shops and make-up halls.

In terms of fashion, for instance, you can stake your life on a few nautical stripes; somebody somewhere in fashionland clearly thinks we should dress for St Tropez even if we're staycationing in St Albans.

In cosmetics, coral is the quintessential summer shade – although, strictly speaking, there are too many permutations to talk about the colour in the singular.

At one end of the spectrum are soft, peachy tones, which suit paler types, and at the other bold reddish oranges that look great on darker skins.

Perhaps it's for reasons as literal as the name that coral is a summer favourite, but it's also undeniably glowy and fresh, reliably satisfying our expectations of the season itself.