How To Be Beautiful: Eyebrow grooming


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The news, trumpeted with increasing volume over recent seasons, that fuller brows are back may have had you feeling, by turns, confused, relieved and slightly afraid. 

Confused, because it's been a long time since it was acceptable to be separated from your tweezers for 48 hours.

Relieved, because it's nice to have one less area subject to rigorous hair removal. And afraid because, taken to its extreme in the form of the supermodel-meets-drag-queen "Scouse brow", this trend looks about as natural as a Clegg-Cameron man-hug.

Still, in moderate form, fuller brows are a short cut to looking younger, hence many of us spending 2012 coaxing our own into regrowth. For the control freak, this is worse than daily plucking, dependent as it is on follicular whim.

To help you resist reaching for the tweezers, the products below will see you through the annoying, gappy stage. And if you do succumb, they'll provide a perfectly groomed finish for brows of all shapes and sizes.