Antipodes Natural Saviour Balm <p>With anti-bacterial tea tree and antioxidant Vinanza grape.</p> <p>£28.99,</p>


The word "multi-purpose" usually arouses a bit of suspicion when applied to cosmetics, calling to mind various two or even three-in-one innovations that were grand in theory, but in practice turned out to be good-for-nothing products.

In truth, very few shades or formulations really suit eyes, lips and cheeks – at least, not belonging to the same person anyway. And if two-in-one shampoo and conditioner still exists, it shouldn't.

Perhaps the only exception to this rule is a good-quality beauty balm, the Swiss army knife of skin care. These ultra-rich moisturisers deal with everything from dry skin to chapped lips and sunburn and can be used to treat bruises, insect bites and sore muscles, depending on the brand you pick and its particular formula.

Were you to be marooned on a desert island with nothing but your make-up bag, it's probably the only item that you'd be genuinely quite glad to have shelled out for.