Nars eyeshadow duo in R-Rated <p>Highly pigmented, long-lasting colour</p> <p>£23.50,</p>


Catwalk fashion has provided us with plenty of fodder for "Can I really wear that?" moments on the high street this season. Exhibit A: the crop top. Likewise, beauty halls are awash with eye-popping shades of electric blue and effulgent yellow that are a tricky proposition for anyone old enough to vote.

The advantage of a make-up trend, however, is that it can be diluted easily without entirely losing its essence. While playing around with the proportions of a crop top will leave you with something that is just, well, a top, the new neon shades can be worn any number of ways and, even at their subtlest, retain their primary punch. A wash of vivid colour on the eyes, for instance (with other make-up kept minimal), looks beautifully contemporary; vibrant pink or orange lipstick requires less skill – and is much more flattering than you might imagine. And if neons still make you nervous, nails are always a safe place for experimentation.