Limited edition Mamechiyo clarifying cleansing oil <p>Cult product for one-step cleansing</p> <p>£56.50,, available from 1 May</p>


Taking off one's make-up inspires varying emotions. On the one hand, there's relief in that it usually signals impending sleep. On the other, a wearying sense of the Sisyphean cycle of painting on and scrubbing off.

It's particularly galling on days when, though you say so yourself, you've done rather a good job. Always disappointing to have to obliterate a perfectly tapered flick of liquid liner – all the more so if you're pretty sure that nobody studied your face with sufficient attention to have noticed your masterwork.

Contrary to oft-repeated beauty wisdom, you will not meet certain death if occasionally you fall into bed with your make-up on. You will, however, get up looking considerably rougher. To this end, make the process as painless as possible with cleansers gentle enough to use all over the face, but powerful enough to deal with stubborn eye make-up. Your skin – and your pillow – will thank you for it.