The best beauty advice is the stuff we don't want to hear: things guaranteed to make us look better that cost nothing, such as swapping a macchiato for a glass of water once in a while or making it to bed before "Sailing By" kicks in.

Exercise tops the list of beauty truths we like to pretend we didn't get the memo about, but as thousands take to the streets of the capital next weekend for the London Marathon, those of us who need to hear the word "fire" to pick up the pace may be forced to consider the benefits of a bit of physical exertion.

Not that limping around in a foil blanket is a great look, but there's that undeniable post-run glow – one part increased blood circulation, two parts smugness – that we'd like to emulate.

Whether you're going marathonian or working up to a conservative jog, a few bits of kit make the whole affair a little more pleasant – and since the exercise is gratis, you can feel a little less guilty about splashing on them.