How to get the look: Bare ankles


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Isn't it a bit early in the year for flesh-flashing?

If your legs have rarely been out of 1,000-denier tights in the past few months, a nude shin may indeed seem a bit daring. But as far as we are aware, the majority of body heat is not lost via the ankle, so you should be safe.

Yes, but… aren't these culottes?

We'd put this grid-print pair somewhere on the (rather narrow) spectrum between a cropped, mannish trouser and a culotte (£19.99,, above). This is no bad thing, since culottes are definitely on the agenda for spring/summer. Be not afraid, or – at any rate – get used to it.

Urgh, OK.

Honestly, they're not as hard to wear as you think, although fairly finely turned calves are necessary with casual pairs such as this that go more naturally with flats. Dressier, prettier styles with heels are a better bet if you're short.

And towards the cropped-trouser end of that spectrum?

Play it safer with Asos's slim-leg trousers in window check (£40,, which nod to the trend with a sliver of shin, without risking cankle-disclosure. And they're the perfect solution to that cold-knees, hot-ankles clothing dilemma.