How to Get the Look: Chokers


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Ah, hello again 1996.

As integral to the fashion of that decade as the platform sole and brown lipliner, no 1990s revival worthy of the name could escape a slew of chokers to complement your bralet and checked shirt.

I'm more into drawing attention away from my neck these days.

Yup, and two decades on, I'm sure Drew Barrymore feels similarly. Which is why the loose-skin cinch offered by tight bits of ribbon or leather thong makes those kind of chokers best avoided.

What else is left in choker-dom then?

If your neck is more pigeon than swan – and this has nothing to do with age, actually – you might want to dabble around the edges with less chokey chokers that sit at the base of the neck. For example, this very simple little colour-block piece from Asos is a snip (£10,, pictured above).

Hmm, bit delicate for a pigeon neck, no?

If you're after something a little more substantial all around, then Vivienne Westwood's classic mini bas-relief pearl-and-orb choker gets an update with topaz crystals (£105, Plus, it's more 1790s than 1990s – even we don't remember that first time round.