How to get the Look: Christmas socks

Wear your festive feet properly this season

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Socks? Wow, we are getting functional in our old age.

Maybe just a little. But while Diane Keaton might be one of only few to build an outfit around a fabulous new pair of socks, they can still be quite the luxury item and a worthy gift.

To go with the monogrammed handkerchief set, I presume.

OK, socks probably won't have anyone swooning in surprise come Christmas, but they're good for the gratitude long game. A pair of quality socks is a lovely thing. It's also something most people can't be bothered to spend their own money on. Enter the giver, bearing these Crofter woollens (£20,, above).

Cute! Who are they for?

Unisex and ageless, the chunky hand-knitting is rugged enough to please practical souls, while the vintage feel will suit those who just want to pad around being whimsical by the Rayburn. Even more pleasingly, each pair is unique.

How about as a main present rather than stocking filler?

Try Moccis, a cute Swedish hybrid of sock and slipper, thanks to a non-slip leather sole. Available in stars, stripes or leopard-print – and a few understated styles in between – they're a lovely gift guaranteed to get lots and lots of use (from £59.97,