How to get the look: Creepy rocks


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Creepy jewellery? You mean like the locket I have with a picture of my dentist printed off his Facebook page?

Er, less creepy than that. More like a little unsettling aesthetically and symbolically, not genuinely disturbing.

Oh… Isn't jewellery supposed to be pretty and decorative?

Decorative, yes. Pretty, not necessarily – or not in a conventional way. Sure, there was a time when it was all about cute little birds and flowers, but nowadays accessories in general pack more punch.

OK, no hearts and flowers. What am I looking for now, then?

A touch of the surreal brings a bit of elegant humour to an outfit. The gentleman's moustache has had its day as a surreal motif; now it's all about the disembodied eye. This lovely "Eye was expecting you" bracelet (pictured above) treads a pleasingly playful now-you-see-it line between abstract and figurative design (£105,

But I like hearts.

That's OK – just make sure it all gets a punky make-over – MariaFrancescaPepe's new collection offers a contemporary take on the classic broken heart (from £57 for the bracelet,

And if you really like flora and fauna, go for the fiercer end of the spectrum – reptiles are enjoying a rare moment of popularity here.