Shaman suede-fringed denim shorts from Each X Other, £263,


If I like it then I better put  a fringe on it?

If you like it this summer, there’s a chance that’s because it already has a fringe on it. From boots to bags to bikinis, fringes and tassels are everywhere.

A fringed bikini? Mm, rather Noughties Mrs Beckham

You may mock, but consider the benefits of a smidgen extra material when it comes to swimwear. Ditto a bit of tassel action on a short hemline. It’s the sartorial equivalent of one of those retro beaded curtains – you’re creating a bit of privacy for your abdomen or thighs, without blocking things off as though you’ve something to hide.

OK, explain the aesthetic advantages of these shorts then

Ahem, OK so a side fringe won’t do much to hide your knees. In the case of these Shaman suede-fringed denim shorts from Each X Other (£263,, above) it’s purely decorative – a bit of 1970s rock for a summer basic.

I think I’ll be limiting this trend to accessories. Suggestions?

Check out Sara Battaglia’s range of handbags on (for inspiration at least given the luxe price tags). Beloved by fashionistas, her shoulder and bucket bags and their extravagant fringing can transform the  world’s dullest outfit.