How to get the look: Full skirts


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My clothes are always full. There's barely room for a cigarette paper between me and my waistband.

Well you're going to like this skirt shape, then. A 1950s A-line with lots of volume, it's a winner for curves, although it does still require a discernible waist.

1950s? Hmm, I think I've had enough of period dress.

No problem – this season, this shape has had a contemporary redux; these styles would never have made it into Mad Men's wardrobe department. London label YMC has come up with a very neat twist (above, £380, – from a distance, the pattern could be a fairly monochrome palm print, but up close the macabre, bony truth is revealed, giving a bit of creepy Lynchian subtext to the sweet retro shape.

I like it. Give me more!

For a more obvious subversion of this demure style, how about The Open's swing skirt in high-gloss black patent (£65, This is look-at-me fabric, so expect a fair amount of attention – don't worry, most of them will just be checking their reflection in your skirt. In both cases, pair with simple separates – a tight, long-sleeved sweater and a leather jacket are perfect.