How to get the Look: Invisible tees


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Emperor's new clothes?

Not exactly. As much as the transition to a new season (yes, it's spring now, honest!) has us planning a radical new persona based on the incoming trends, there's also an equal and opposite pull towards a rejection of said trends. Right now we're after items that almost make themselves invisible by virtue of working so well.

Are we back in the realm of the trench and the white shirt?

Not really – those sorts of classics already have too much of a look of their own. The stuff we want works by passing under the style radar. So, for example, this tee by Alexander Wang has a kinda Breton feel, but sidesteps the traditional boatneck for a simpler shape. The slight transparency cleverly gives it the ideal degree of worn-ness, without it bearing the marks of real-world wear and tear (£85,, above).

That's nice. Further examples?

If you're stocking up, Hush's sheer-linen and contrast-stitch tees are the best at combining luxe fabric and unassuming style and they're a bargain if you go for its multi-buy deal (£35 or £29 each when you buy three, We also like Whistle's linen tee in palest lime (£55,