How to Get the Look: Jersey


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Mid-Channel chic?

Not sure what that would look like. A P&O uniform? No, we mean small "j" jersey, the knitted wool fabric – or nowadays cotton or synthetic mix. Though there is, not surprisingly, a historical manufacturing link with the country.

Not the most glam of fabrics.

It's no gold lamé, for sure. But let's not forget Coco Chanel's revolutionary predilection for humble jersey, on account of it being inexpensive and comfortable (two qualities one can't imagine current Chanel boss Herr Lagerfeld being too concerned about), as well as supremely versatile.

What do I need and why?

It's impossible to avoid jersey, unless you wear couture gowns every day, but the really valuable bits are the tricksy pieces that look smart but are in fact insanely forgiving on account of their stretch and softness.

Sounds good.

It really is. This jersey blazer from Hush (£55,, above) is worth its weight – structured enough to feel like you made an effort on days when you need a little more give. It's also an excellent option for city breaks, as it weathers a suitcase scrunch well. In the same ilk, check out the Baukjen sale for a selection of ruchey, flattering dresses (from £29,