How to Get the Look: Little boots


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Ooh, I used to like her! What's she doing these days?

If you mean the Lancashire electro-popstrel of "Remedy" fame, she had a new album out not long back. But think on little boots of a different kind – not little as in regular boots/small size, but actually rather scantily cut boots.

Ah ha, open-toe boot season again.

Getting warmer (or maybe cooler), but no – we're still in conventional boot territory, just at the lighter, ever so slightly daintier end of the spectrum.

And why do I need a daintier pair of boots?

"Need" is never the word, but if we're going for a pragmatic rationale, then they're a little less stifling for your soles in warmer months. Plus, a low-slung pair such as these Marion pointed leopard-print ankle boots will do double duty with either short hemlines or skinny jeans (£170,, pictured above). And that's good holiday packing practice.

That's a lot of leopard for a little boot. Plainer please.

Boring! Although if you want understated but not dull, Asos's Agent-style low-cut Chelseas in monochrome black and white are just the ticket (also available in plain black or tan, £50,