How to get the look: Loose-fit


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Something you're not telling us?

Nope, not pregnant. Nor am I smuggling stolen goods. And I haven't put on two stone. Although in any of those cases, this outfit would be spot-on.

Well it's not exactly body-con.

And praise be. No, this green number (above, £110, is a rather sweet example of the many oversized, smock-y dresses around this autumn. Kind of 1990s Drew Barrymore redux, kind of unfussy, urban boho.

Wow, all that in one dress.

You bet; has lots in different fabrics depending on your persuasion for around the £30 mark. But most importantly they will all allow you to indulge in seasonal stodge without any waistband getting in the way.

It is rather large in proportion. Are you sure this won't make me look fat?

I'm not going to lie, unstructured fabric hangs well from a structured – ie reasonably angular – frame. Slim legs help. But that's definitely not to say that if you have a few curves going on you have to truss yourself up in pencil skirts and belts à la Gok Wan.

So if it looks like a tent on, refrain?

This kind of thing looks a little bit tenty on everyone, so go with it. If it looks like a marquee, that's when you reconsider.