How To Get The Look: Maxi rings


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Sounds like party food.

Haribo has cornered the edible jewellery market, I think, but some of these hand ornaments are almost good enough to eat. Exciting times for jewellery in general and rings in particular – you can't get enough of them on your mitts these days.

So I wasn't far off with the finger buffet.

Kinda – but if one way of doing the ring thing now is to wear lots of tiny bands, both above and below the knuckle, the other is to opt for a few big statement pieces, maxi rings as we like to call them, that cover at least half your digit.

And the particular appeal of the maxi?

Think of delicate bands as mini skirts for hands – great on the long and slender, but making anything chunkier appear all the more so. A maxi ring has the opposite scaling effect, so is much more forgiving on hard-working paws.


So many possibilities, but go for unabashed drama appropriate to the dimensions. You can do classical, as with this gold-plated snake design from Aurelie Bidermann (£125,, above), worthy of Cleopatra herself. For mannerist opulence, we love Katie Rowland's Circe and Carmilla knuckle rings (from £376,