Arty investment: Uribe, £225,


Oh gawd, a tad affected, no?

Agreed, there is something about asymmetry – usually in the form of exaggerated haircuts – that looks, despite the presumed intention of casual charm, a bit try-hard. Nevertheless, earrings of many crazy varieties are enjoying a moment right now and among them mismatched earrings are kind of cute, we think.

Well, mismatching some earrings should be a cinch, I do it every day with my socks, my bra/pants combo… occasionally my shoes if it's been a really heavy night

Actually, somewhere in fashionland, kindly folk have been mismatching things perfectly so you don't have to.

How kind

Yup, this pair from Uribe (£225,, above) are an arty investment and, since the droppers are attached to the butterfly clasps, you can swap the lapis lazuli studs for others. Versatile, eh?

OK, anything a little less Arts and Crafts?

For holidays, Rachel Roy's set of six sea charm studs (£28, – think mini shells and shark teeth – are a sweet bargain option. Or for even tighter budgets, you can of course raid your jewellery box and just wear a single earring for the ultimate (Louis Vuitton and Céline catwalk-endorsed) mismatch.