How to get the Look: New Year's wear


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What, no exercise gear?

Please! Do you really fancy dropping to the floor and giving me 20 right now? For now the aim of the game is remedial wear.

So, hiding the excess baggage?

Exactly – but in a chic manner that could also pass as the sartorial choice of someone not hamstrung by the kilo of panettone they have consumed in the past fortnight.

Hence the slimming black?

It's not an obvious choice for countering this bleak time of year, but good cheer doesn't have to translate into eye-popping colour. This little black number is loose-fitting without being sack-like and the three-quarter sleeves hide a month of skipped Power Pump classes (above, currently reduced from £79 to £64,

I'll wear my Spanx bodysuit beneath.

Perfect! And any extra flesh pushed up to chin level can be disguised with a statement necklace… But seriously, a few simple but lustrous accessories will propel this from classy workwear to party mode.

Further remedies?

Mint Velvet is brilliant for flattering, style dilemma-solving dresses. Its printed shirt dresses are particular drapey favourites (£109,; see website for sale discounts).