Heart-stitch sweater from Hush, £85, hush-uk.com


Rollneck. Mmmmm

I know, right? With the exception perhaps of "open fire" and "suet pudding", there are few things that better convey seasonal cosiness.

Exactly. But extreme comfort is pretty much antithetical to fashion

Yeah, it feels like that sometimes, which is why you must leap on those glorious items that fall within the Venn diagram overlap of "cool" and "comfy". The rollneck is one such intersection.

Rollnecks are cool?

OK, so they're not a short cut to hipness per se. But they have a certain timeless style – a little bit preppy and prim, unfussy yet sensuous. Listen, French women like them – are you sold now?

Absolutely. How do I wear one à la Parisienne?

If you want to go straight classic, then with good jeans, boots and shiny hair. This heart-stitch sweater from Hush has a nice texture (pictured, £85, hush-uk.com). Personally, I like the idea of working a rollneck into a look with a bit more vintage character, so you could pair Zara's black cable-knit (£35.99, zara.com) with a midi skirt and ballet pumps, then make like Anna Karina in an early Godard film.