How to get the look: Shirts


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Eek, is it perfect, classic, ultimate white shirt time?

Nope, don't worry, we loved Out of Africa as much as the next person, but we're not massively sold on the perennial appeal of the crisp white shirt either.

OK. So what have you got for me?

Something a bit more laid-back for the weekend. "Boyfriend" might be one of the most overused adjectives of recent years regarding clothing (slapped on jeans, blazers, coats… you name it, in the fashion imagination, your boyfriend could have let you borrow his), but it's kind of appropriate for a slightly oversized, acceptably rumpled shirt.

Do I have to pair it with my boyfriend jeans?

In general, a bit of dissonance within an outfit is good. So this boxy cut shirt (£70,, pictured above) – we especially love the slightly blurry watercolour check – is better paired with something tight and/or feminine. A leather pencil skirt, say. Or roll the sleeves and tuck it into a full A-line number.

And how about something a little breezier for sunny days?

For days when the weather manages more than monochrome, Pull & Bear has an oversize checked shirt in white and pastel blue that's straight out of the spring 2014 catwalk colour palette (£19.99,