These slippers from Antik Batik would be worthy of a very modern Cinderella (£209,


Sounds very boudoir. Is this for accessorising my marabou-trim negligée?

Calm down Marilyn Monroe, this is definitely outerwear and mercifully less girly than it sounds. Your trusty flat slip-ons are simply getting a bit of a flashy finish.

Praise be. Staring at my feet waiting for the bus will never again be dull.

Silly as it sounds, there is a smidgen of cheer to be had in looking down at a sparkly pair of shoes, especially on a grey pavement. And this is a nice way to wear it without involving high heels, open toes or other such inconveniences.

OK, set me up with a suitably charming pair.

These slippers from Antik Batik would be luxurious enough thanks to the leather-lined gold velvet; the bronze crystal flowers amp up the prettiness to levels worthy of a very modern Cinderella (above, £209,

I appreciate that Cinderella had bigger fish to fry, but how about something rainproof?

OK, so those require a reliable weather app, agreed. For all seasons, &Other Stories' aptly named Oily slippers (£55, in iridescent oil-slick green and blue are a playful, perky finish to an otherwise workaday outfit.